NOIZ Entertainment performances

The NOIZ Band performing at the Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York

NOIZ performing on NEWS 12 Long Island!

The NOIZ performs at Raphael Vineyard and gets the crowd pumped!

Tonight was a big turn out at Puglia’s Of Garden City. Lovers danced, had an amazing dinner and drinks at the bar while jamming out to the sounds of NOIZ BAND. In this video NOIZ covers “No Me Digo Que No” a great spanish tune transitioning into the caribbean spice with “Dollar Wine”. Ending off with a smooth cha cha line with the whole restaurant. Everyone is coming together and making the best out of the night.

NOIZ delivers yet another ground breaking performance at Puglia’s of Garden City on Saturday night. In this video performing “Fireball” the crowd starts up their own conga line around the restaurant while smiling, laughing and just having an overall good time together. 5 to 6 people came out and celebrated their birthday that night, and enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

NOIZ has another amazing turn out while performing at The Fountainhead in New Rochelle for a successful Law Firm’s Holiday Party. In this clip the band performs Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5 hit song “Shake Your Body” (Down to the ground). Getting the crowd up on their feet to “Dance & Shout” making another night yet unforgettable.

Mixed NOIZ performance